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Startup with Chainlink is an online global community that empowers founders with the resources they need to launch and scale their Web3 startups.

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Startup with Chainlink is a founder-friendly program that gives early-stage blockchain projects access to a global network of founders and the information and guidance needed to successfully launch a blockchain project.

Learn industry best practices

Receive direct support from development teams building the core decentralized infrastructure that your smart contract application will be deployed upon.

Access the best resources

Access a wide range of industry-leading resources that provide an effective blueprint for founding teams building early-stage startups.

Receive world-class mentorship

Connect with advisors and mentors who can provide guidance when you’re making critical decisions that will have a lasting impact on your project.

Expand your professional network

Expand your network by joining a close-knit group of leading founders, investors, and thought leaders who can provide ongoing support.

Connect with top service providers

Select projects in the Startup with Chainlink community receive access to the industry’s top service providers, who supply them with the tools and education they need to turn their ideas into reality.

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Helping projects grow and scale

Chainlink Labs has unique insight into how to launch a blockchain project and is well-positioned to support founders in their launch process. From helping us think through the fundraising process to connecting us with top service providers and making suggestions on product and go-to-market ideas, Chainlink Labs has made an important contribution to helping our project grow and scale."
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Winston Robson
CEO of WeMeta


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Frequently asked questions

Why did you launch Startup with Chainlink?
As a neutral entity that provides secure oracle technology to leading blockchain networks, blockchain projects, and enterprises, Chainlink Labs is committed to advancing the overall success of the blockchain industry. We launched Startup with Chainlink to empower founders who are building the companies and products that will take the adoption of blockchain and oracle technology to the next level.
How do I join Startup with Chainlink?
Startup with Chainlink is a global community of founders. If you are interested in working with us, please apply using the webform link on this page.
Who can apply?
If you have formed a team and are working on something novel, we encourage you to apply.
What are the entry requirements for the Startup with Chainlink program?
Startup with Chainlink is designed to provide founders with the information and insights they need for a successful launch. The program is primarily focused on supporting seed-stage projects, though we will consider working with later-stage projects. Our goal is to lower the barriers to effectively launching new blockchain projects.
How much does participating in Startup with Chainlink cost?
The program is free and non-dilutive.
I don’t have a startup yet, should I still sign up?
We welcome early-stage projects at all levels of maturity.
What type of additional support can top projects in the community expect to receive?
Top projects in the community will receive a variety of additional benefits, including support with business model preparation and access to a network of mentors, service providers, and tier-1 VCs.

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